Meet Jill

One of our favorite things about personal and business brand photography is the idea that we are truly helping another business grow. Jill hired us to take her portraits for her small business, Age Well Life Care Solutions, which specializes in helping families with the "very real challenges of aging, so they don't have to do this alone." She also wanted to capture a few candid shots of her meeting with clients for her website. Jill's goal was to look professional, but not too serious. She would be coming into the lives of seniors and their families, often in times of crisis, so conveying a sense of trust was important.  Jill was a true delight to work with and is providing such a fabulous service to her customers.

The photos are excellent!!! I’m super happy with them! Many thanks to you both for all of your hard work in taking and producing them. They are extremely professional looking, and I can’t wait to use them to help promote my business! I am also anxious to help promote your business, as I have already spoken to and directed my marketing and social media consultant to make sure she does just that as she uses them in the various social media environments we are creating.
— Jill