When the details matter, we offer a Fine Retouching editing package. This add-on service is a great choice for close-up portraits, photos you will be enlarging for prints, and those photographs that would be just perfect ... if only!  "I wish that stray hair wasn't flying across my face!" "I can't believe my two year old spilled juice all over his shirt minutes before the shoot!"  "I love that picture but don't love that zit on my face!" We totally get it.  

Our goal is to make subtle and responsible edits ... to accentuate beauty, maintain your unique features and provide you with clean and timeless images free of unnecessary distractions. The Fine Retouching edits make your favorite photos even more stunning. 

All of our packages include 10 free Fine Retouched photos. Additional photos are $15/picture, 5 for $60, or 10 for $100.


  • Complexion smoothing
  • Blemish removal / diminishing
  • Iris enhancing (accentuate your eyes)
  • Teeth whitening 
  • Shiny skin removal / diminishing 
  • Fly-away hair removal (wind blown hairs)
  • Stray hair removal (e.g., hairs masking face)  
  • Eye opening (to fix squinting or blinking)
  • Tasteful body slimming (e.g., legs, arms, waist)
  • Reflection removal (from eye glasses) 


  • Stain removal (e.g., on a child's tee-shirt)
  • Unwanted object removal (e.g., trash in yard, signage in background)  
  • Sensor dust (unwanted dark spots on image) removal 
  • Object repositioning (e.g., move 2 people closer together)
  • Extending the photo by adding additional background content (sky, grass, water, snow)