The Nyamathi Family | Family Session | Irvine, CA

Extended families are always fun to photograph.  From the grandparents to the grandkids, we enjoyed our short time with the Nyamathi family.  Totally down to earth and so kind.  We decided to meet in Anaheim and found a quaint park with a beautiful lake and nearby bridge.  After quickly surveying the area, we found a picturesque area toward the backside of the lake.  From there, we took a variety of pictures from headshots to group shots and everything in between.  Some of our favorite moments (and pictures) were those captured "between" the pictures, when they were simply interacting naturally with family. Funny how it works that way!  I guess that's how life is. When you're in the moment and you forget about who might be watching, it then when your real personality shows its colors.  Here's to candid moments!