Jill | Commercial Session | Malaga Cove

One of our favorite things about commercial photography is the idea that we are truly helping another business grow.  Jill hired us to take her portraits for her small business, Age Well Life Care Solutions, which specializes in helping families with the "very real challenges of aging, so they don't have to do this alone."  She also wanted to capture a few candid shots of her meeting with clients for her website.  Jill's goal was to look professional, but not too serious.  She would be coming into the lives of seniors and their families, often in times of crisis, so conveying a sense of trust was important.  We spent the first part of the shoot on the portraits and then transitioned into the group scenes.  Jill invited her good friends to come along and play the part of the children of the aging parent, played by Jill's mother.  Wow, we had lots of good laughs along the way as we tried to create natural looking scenes!  More than once we said "don't move!" and "hold that pose, that's perfect!" Even though we were behind the lens, we enjoyed every minute with Jill and her team.  As with every shoot, we walked back to our car and said "boy, that was fun!"   Jill was a real delight to work with and is providing such a fabulous service to her customers.  We are really loving this business.  :)