Jordan | Senior Portrait Session | Abalone Cove

The beginning of every shoot is an always interesting! Just like any new relationship, the client and the photographer try to "get comfortable" with each other and the environment they find themselves, whether in a studio or on location. Heidi and I always pride ourselves in how short this time period is, as our clients transition from the "I'm feeling anxious" stage to "WOW, this is kinda fun!!" Jordan was no exception. With guitar, athletic metals and a few shirts in hand, Jordan arrived at the location he selected near Abalone Cove. We met him and his super sweet mom early on a Saturday morning and quickly started collaborating on how best to capture his "true essence." It wasn't hard because Jordan is so comfortable in his own skin. From running marathons to rocking out on his guitar, Jordan is a renaissance kind of guy!  With all that he's accomplished, we're sure the best is yet to come. Best of luck and God Speed, Jordan, as you set out to conquer the world. Whatever college you choose will be lucky to have you!