Sabina | Portrait Session | Palos Verdes Horse Stables

Heidi and I are both animal lovers, so this shoot was especially fun.  We met Sabina at the famous Palos Verdes Stables on a midweek morning.  After we arrived, she was busy grooming one of her favorite horses named Melody, or "Mel" for short.  The shoot started out a little rocky and we had to adjust quickly.  Mel was quite nervous about our softbox and flash (i.e., she wouldn't get near it!) on a monopod so we decided to begin shooting with natural light.  It worked out well as the light was still low in the sky which added a nice rim light to her long hair.  After Mel warmed up to us, we were able to bring back our flash but we kept it to bare bulb at first and then re-introduced the softbox.  Sabina was a real pleasure to work with throughout the entire shoot.  Her natural beauty and comfort level in front of the camera made it a real breeze for us.  She also knew how to handle Mel with the just right mix of love and assertiveness and helped us a great deal with the posing.  We developed a new respect for these great animals and sure hope to return to shoot again at the stables! There really is something special about the love between a woman and her horse.