The McCarthy Family | Family Session | Palos Verdes Beach Club

Fun shoot with the McCarthy family at Palos Verdes Beach Club this past weekend!  We met Amanda and her daughter at the Sugar Turnt shoot back in late September and were very happy to hear from her again.  We picked mid-morning to start the shoot and met Amanda, her husband Tim and their two daughters at the PBC parking lot.  Heidi and I piled into their minivan with our gear and we headed down to the beach.  Weather was just about perfect with a light breeze and plenty of morning sunshine.  We started shooting soon thereafter with group shots and a few hand-in-hand walking shots, but the girls decided it was time to play in the sand!  So we we're able to capture some nice "unscripted" sister moments.  Just sisters being sisters!  We then moved down the beach a ways and again captured a few more girl pictures at a shady table.  Mom and dad were smart and brought some "scooby snacks" to keep the girls happy, so we were (again) able to photography some nice candid moments of the sisters.  While they were busy snacking, we took Amanda and Tim aside and captured some portraits with a few different natural backgrounds.  Our Flashpoint XPLOR 600 came in handy on TTL with a beautiful fill light, allowing us to fine tune the background ambient light with shutter speed.  After the portraits, we took some final family pictures.  These were probably the best ones of the shoot with everyone relaxed .. and well fed :)  Overall, a great time with the McCarthy's ... such a sweet family.  Thanks, Amanda, for reaching out to us for your family pictures!