The Burgess Family | Family Portraits | Herndon VA

No snow yet this year in northern Virginia, but we still opted for a "wintry" outdoor family shoot.  The Burgess family, with their matching dark coats, were such great sports despite the cold temps.  We ventured back into a local park and found some scenic locations to capture the family.  Perhaps our favorite shots were the sisters ... they have a unique love and friendship for each other that really came through during the shoot.  And we loved getting that natural smile from Dad too.  Well, we loved the dad/mom kid combos too.  It was all fun!  Even with the creek, we all stayed dry and had a grand time together!    

Newborn Shoot! | W Family | Herndon, VA


We were so thrilled to meet the W family and their new precious baby girl.  It's always a risk selecting a photographer to capture your family, especially for your new child (and dog!),  so we were honored to be trusted with the task. We shot both in our studio and our backyard.  Luckily, we were blessed with beautiful evening gold hour lighting for the outdoor family pictures.  The W family was absolutely charming and we all had a great time together making memories.  


Nick | On-Location Portrait Session | Rancho Palos Verdes

Nick is a co-worker I was fortunate enough to get to know over the past couple years.  He's a musician, follower of Christ, budding entrepreneur, and an all-around great guy.  After a few discussions, we agreed to go shoot together before he headed out to start a new business in Boston.  We met a local spot and spend a few hours of the morning together, including taking a bunch of photos of Nick with his 1974 Series III Land Rover (awesome!).  Considering our limited time that morning, we captured a nice variety of shots.  It goes without saying that we would have enjoyed more time together because he's a really great guy. All the best, Nick!  

Mel | Air Force Retirement Ceremony| El Segundo, CA

Love of country. That's what Melanie Stricklan, co-founder of @slingshotaerospace exudes day in and day out.  Thanks, and a big congrats, for 20+ years of service to our nation.  It was a true HONOR capturing your retirement ceremony and we wish you all the best as you pursue your dreams of entrepreneurship.  

The Nyamathi Family | Irvine, CA

Extended families are always fun to photograph.  From the grandparents to the grandkids, we enjoyed our short time with the Nyamathi family.  Totally down to earth and so kind.  We decided to meet in Anaheim and found a quaint park with a beautiful lake and nearby bridge.  After quickly surveying the area, we found a picturesque area toward the backside of the lake.  From there, we took a variety of pictures from headshots to group shots and everything in between.  Some of our favorite moments (and pictures) were those captured "between" the pictures, when they were simply interacting naturally with family. Funny how it works that way!  I guess that's how life is. When you're in the moment and you forget about who might be watching, it then when your real personality shows its colors.  Here's to candid moments!  

The Bohannon Family | 50th Birthday Bash | Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Wow!  What a fantastic evening at the Palos Verdes Beach Club.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and a group of people to enjoy the festivities, music and fellowship.  The Bohannon's decided to celebrate their 50th birthdays together and they did it in fantastic style!  We were so thrilled to be part of it, and to meet all your family and friends.  Cheers!    

Iowa State University Alumni Event | Newport Beach, CA

Beautiful night for a cruise!  So fun to capture Iowa State's (our alma mater!) alumni event in New Port Beach.  Never would have guessed that our LinkedIn profile would lead us to such a cool gig!   It was cool enough just to get to go on the cruise, but even better to hang out with folks from Iowa State where Heidi and I met.  All the memories!  A big thanks to Iowa State Alumni association for trusting us to capture this event.  Hope we can do it again next year!

The Langner Family | Palos Verdes

Early morning family shoots are grand, especially when you are blessed to work such amazing families as this one. The love they share for each other was beautiful. And Heidi and I really enjoyed the playful interaction between the boyz! We laughed the better part of 2 hours and took in the beautiful scenery at the iconic #pointvincentelighthouse together. Thanks @inurhair for letting us capture the memories! 

Kaleen | Portrait STUDIO Session | Torrance, CA

We were fortunate enough to collaborate with the great fashion photographer, Chuck Salisbury (IG: @chucksphoto), at his home studio in Torrance, CA to photography the talented and lovely Kathleen.  It was a fun session playing around with different lighting setups, poses, and generally having a great time!  A big thanks to Chuck for allowing us to share his studio and passing along a great deal of his wisdom.  Best to you, Kathleen, and CONGRATS on your recent graduation!  

Jill | Commercial Session | Malaga Cove

One of our favorite things about commercial photography is the idea that we are truly helping another business grow.  Jill hired us to take her portraits for her small business, Age Well Life Care Solutions, which specializes in helping families with the "very real challenges of aging, so they don't have to do this alone."  She also wanted to capture a few candid shots of her meeting with clients for her website.  Jill's goal was to look professional, but not too serious.  She would be coming into the lives of seniors and their families, often in times of crisis, so conveying a sense of trust was important.  We spent the first part of the shoot on the portraits and then transitioned into the group scenes.  Jill invited her good friends to come along and play the part of the children of the aging parent, played by Jill's mother.  Wow, we had lots of good laughs along the way as we tried to create natural looking scenes!  More than once we said "don't move!" and "hold that pose, that's perfect!" Even though we were behind the lens, we enjoyed every minute with Jill and her team.  As with every shoot, we walked back to our car and said "boy, that was fun!"   Jill was a real delight to work with and is providing such a fabulous service to her customers.  We are really loving this business.  :) 

Haley | Portrait Shoot | The MonOrchid

Haley is a true Renaissance woman!  Mechanical engineer, model and musician ... yes, she does it all.  We met at the Improve Photography Retreat in Phoenix, and shot a great variety of portraits  at The MonOrchid Studio and outside the hotel area.  As you will see below, Haley is captivating with those blue eyes and curls, a natural model who has perfected her craft.  Just hoping she comes to LA so we can shoot again!  

Alyssa | Mini Portrait Shoot | Downtown Phoenix

I met Alyssa (@alyssa_dorman), a budding model, at the Improve Photography Retreat in Phoenix a couple weekends ago. During one of the breaks between sessions, we did an impromptu photoshoot in a nearby alley colorfully decorated in graffiti.  We only had about 15 minutes but made the most of it! I was lucky to find a traffic cone to help hold the monopod-mounted softbox. It's almost impossible to hold a light stand and focus a 70-200 lens at the same time!  Alyssa - you've got some mad modeling skills!  Wish you all the best as you start your career.  One things for sure ... you've be a joy for any photographer to work with.  

Katherine | Portrait Shoot | Phoenix

I met Katherine (@actorkatherinenovak) between sessions at the Improve Photography Retreat.  We started shooting in a courtyard at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Phoenix.   After a few minutes, I said "wow, you're doing great Katherine!" And she replied, "thanks, this is my first time really doing this."  I was floored!  Katherine is just spectacular in front of the lens.  We ended up shooting the following evening at The MonOrchid and I captured her in a variety of outfits ... and many of Katherine's awesome poses!  



Jordan | Senior Portrait Session | Abalone Cove

The beginning of every shoot is an always interesting! Just like any new relationship, the client and the photographer try to "get comfortable" with each other and the environment they find themselves, whether in a studio or on location. Heidi and I always pride ourselves in how short this time period is, as our clients transition from the "I'm feeling anxious" stage to "WOW, this is kinda fun!!" Jordan was no exception. With guitar, athletic metals and a few shirts in hand, Jordan arrived at the location he selected near Abalone Cove. We met him and his super sweet mom early on a Saturday morning and quickly started collaborating on how best to capture his "true essence." It wasn't hard because Jordan is so comfortable in his own skin. From running marathons to rocking out on his guitar, Jordan is a renaissance kind of guy!  With all that he's accomplished, we're sure the best is yet to come. Best of luck and God Speed, Jordan, as you set out to conquer the world. Whatever college you choose will be lucky to have you!

Shelly | Retirement Ceremony | Los Angeles Air Force Base

Covering military events, like retirement ceremonies, is always an honor, especially when it's someone you've come to know and respect.  Shelly asked me to photograph her retirement and I didn't hesitate to say yes.  The ceremony was a perfect mix of military tradition, camaraderie, and family.  Here's to 20 years, Shelly!  Job well done in service to your country!  

Jamie | Portrait Session | Rancho Palos Verdes

For on-location portrait photographers like us, shooting indoors is an adventure! We decided to take our recent shoot with @jamieshinko to an indoor location due to inclement weather conditions. To our delight, we had a GRAND ole time creating a wide variety of looks within a single room. Jamie was simply amazing to work and collaborate with. She's a natural behind the lens with boundless creativity. We see big things in her future!  Here's to more indoor sessions!

Paxton Family | Baby Shower | Palos Verdes

Expecting a baby is exciting ... but expecting twins is something altogether different!  Excitement ... fear ... yes.  We were so thrilled to photography Jessica's baby shower at the Red Onion Mexican Restaurant in Palos Verdes!  Jessica's sister put together quite the agenda of fun activities for friends and family and we were lucky enough to get to capture it all!